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  • Congratulations on the success of the 2018 MLTOR Spring Festival Gala!

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      On February 3, Mltor celebrated the 2018 New Year event, and took this opportunity to thank our customers and suppliers for their support and love for the company.


      The event began with the awards ceremony in 2017, which honored outstanding employees, teams and prominent contributors to set an example for the staff.。

      During the literary evening, the wonderful programs were presented. There were professional-level erhu performances of "Horse Racing", harmonica performances of "The Night of Jungang", exquisite Latin dance, youthful dance skewers, smooth English songs, original cross talk, The most memorable stage play of self-produced performances is the black light drama "Light of Myret", which is presented by the Finance Department. The applause and shouts are one after another. This is the best evaluation of the guests and the best for the cast members. Praise. After voting on the live program, one or two were selected. In the end, the black light drama "Merret Light" was won the first prize. In the evening, the "No. 1", the essay "Mareet Avenue of Stars" and the dance string "The Dance of Youth" "Join the "second place."

    Excellent program appreciation

    The show is not finished, the grand prize is not exhausted.

      Before the start of the performance, Mr. Lin Shoujin, the founder of Myret, gave a speech for the New Year, summing up 2017 and looking forward to 2018.

      In the past year, Mltor has achieved good results in the past year with the care and support of the leaders at all levels in the city and the self-denial of all Myret family members: the “City Engineering Technology Research Center” and “Provincial Engineering” Technology Center"--Intelligent gear processing equipment and its system control engineering technology center; won the first place in the sixth innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Guangdong Province, and participated in the national competition as the representative; won the first innovation and entrepreneurship contest military-civilian integration professional competition Two; officially became the governing unit of China's "Mechanical Transmission"; became the governing unit of "China Invention Association"; in terms of products, successfully developed the ten-axis linkage control system and the ten-axis eight-head aircraft carrier flagship model, which laid the industry Leading position; took a crucial step towards the tire mold industry, successfully developed a five-axis five-link tire mold processing machine tool, filled the gap in the industry, became a subversive model, and applied for international patents; successfully developed a high-speed CNC wire drawing machine, ushered in A global exclusive agreement for a multinational group.

      General Lin said: Although Mltor has achieved certain results at this stage, it still has a long way to go from a long-term goal. In order to seek a place in the current world economy, we must keep pace with the times, change the trend, and constantly change and improve. Self, because we have only lived the average life expectancy of Chinese companies, there is still a lot to do from the 100-year mission. Looking forward to 2018, we are full of enthusiasm and full of expectations! Focusing on topics such as the military industry, the top 500 gear industry events, and the Myret Institute, involving smart manufacturing, industrial big data, artificial intelligence, and conducting basic and cutting-edge innovation research, we will focus on the world and focus on the industry!

    Lin always warned all the Mltor, insisted on development, and kept in mind the "four essentials"

      First, there must be unsatisfied, unconventional, non-stop development desires;

      Second, we must have the spirit of seeking the officers, the officers, the conspirators, the easy work, the truth-seeking and the pragmatic spirit;

        Third, we must have the entrepreneurial passion to challenge ourselves, break through ourselves, and renew ourselves;

       Fourth, we must have self-sublation, explore new ideas, and constantly surpass the pre-crisis awareness;

      This is the most beautiful era of intelligent manufacturing, and the worst era. In the critical historical turning point of the great era, Myrett calls for the same era, and cooperates with industry authorities and experts to create the precision that belongs to the people! Like the aircraft carrier that just set sail, Minet is in need of thousands of heroes paddling. Let us not forget our initial heart, move forward, and steadfastly advance toward new goals, and contribute to the realization of the dream of making Mltor!


      I wish you all a happy new year, the Year of the Dog!

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