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  • Warmly welcome Andritz (China) to visit Mltor!

    Popularity:1992Time:2021/3/31 11:57:55

          As one of the important customers of Mltor, ANDRITZ (China) company Mr.Semle Jan recently visited the Minette Intelligent Equipment Group. Accompanied by the general manager Mr. Lin Shoujin, he visited the Mltor in Foshan and Zhongshan. Specially produced subsidiary company production workshop.

    Andritz visits Foshan Mltor

    ANDRITZ visits Zhongshan Mltor

        Mr.Semle Jan said that the cooperation with the Mltor Group has been very enjoyable. The performance of the machine tools of the company is good. Both parties expressed the hope that there will be more room for cooperation in the future.

    ANDRITZ visits Foshan workshop

        Andritz (China) Company and the Mltor Group have formed a good friendship. During the visit, Mr.Semle Jan introduced his friend Mr.Frank voss to Mr. Lin Shoujin, the general manager of Minette.Mr.Frank voss expressed his appreciation for the meeting with Mr. Lin Shoujin and hopes to have the opportunity to cooperate with Mltor in the future.


    ANDRITZ visits Zhongshan workshop

        The ANDRITZ Group is a global technology group company. With more than 250 branches worldwide, it employs approximately 25,000 people in hydropower, paper, feed and biofuels, metal equipment, and environmental and processing technology equipment. Established in 2002, ANDRITZ (China) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ANDRITZ Group. It has more than 1,600 employees and has manufacturing centers in Chancheng District and Sanshui District of Foshan and Chengdu. The total area of the Foshan Plant exceeds 68,000 square meters.

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