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  • The company participated in the 2015 China (Chongqing) International Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing Expo

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        2015 China (Chongqing) International Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing Expo was held in Yongchuan District, Chongqing from September 16th to 18th, 2015. Our company attended the conference with a luxury lineup. The booth area is 90m2. The exhibiting models are the company's fist products: CNC four-end ring mold deep hole drilling MLT-SKH, 6-axis CNC gear hobbing machine MLT-N120, CNC 4-axis double-head lathe and its robotic loading and unloading intelligent gear blank processing unit, as well as the company's full range of gear machining CNC system ( CNC gear grinding machine system, CNC gear hobbing machine system, CNC arc gear milling machine system, cyclone milling system, etc., the employees sent by the company greeted the leaders, guests and ordinary visitors who came to visit with full enthusiasm, patiently answered their questions. Through their unremitting efforts, the participants will deepen their understanding of the Minette brand and have a deeper understanding of the performance and characteristics of the company's products. 5 on-site machine tools were sold, and 12 companies that reached sales intentions laid the foundation for the company to expand Chongqing and the southwest region.

    The International Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Expo is under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and is jointly organized by the China Robot Industry Alliance and the Municipal Economic and Information Committee and Yongchuan District. With the theme of “focusing on intelligent manufacturing and boosting industrial upgrading”, it has more than 130 well-known domestic and foreign robots and high-end intelligent equipment companies from China, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Italy. During the three-day conference period, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs in related fields will also conduct in-depth discussions on how to promote the healthy and rapid development of Chongqing and the national robot industry.

    The expo is intended to realize the supply and demand docking between RD, design, manufacturing, system integration enterprises and application enterprises, and jointly discuss the direction of industrial development. More than 100 well-known domestic and foreign robots and high-end intelligent equipment companies including ABB, FANUC, EMAG, Siemens, and Myreit CNC were invited to participate in the exhibition. The exhibits included intelligent robots, service robots, special robots, and unmanned people. More than 10 professional categories including machine, 3D printing, industrial Internet of things, wearables, and smart home.

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