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  • The company organizes all employees to participate in the expansion training

    Popularity:801Time:2021/3/31 9:38:39

     This expansion training has allowed me to think about a lot of problems that I have never considered before, unless you experience it personally, you will never believe that the spirit and strength of teamwork is amazing. There is no perfect individual, only perfect team. Personal success is not a success, and team success is the real success. When the song "Unity is power" rang through the sky, I felt the eyes wet, and the pride that came from the bottom of my heart came to life. Good team spirit and aggressive attitude towards life are the basic qualities that modern people should have. Expanding training can not only temper the will, but also integrate the relationship between people, and it also gives us a lot of happiness.

    And no matter what a team does, it must analyze the specific problems, do a good plan, and then divide the work clearly, the responsibility to the people, and at the same time to strictly discipline the organization, the task is assigned to people, everyone must have a strong Responsibility, we must be brave in taking responsibility when we complete tasks, we must have dedication, we must strengthen our sense of win-win, break through the conventional way of thinking, and have the consciousness of pioneering and innovating. We must carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, and earnestly do each and every one of us. Things (small things should be done more carefully), after sharing the task, share happiness with everyone and inspire team morale, so that you can become a good team and a good team.

    My biggest feeling of this training is that one of the purposes of the training is to make the team aware of the training: a competitive team. Teamwork is an invisible motivation that inspires every player to quietly contribute to the group and drive the completion of each task.

    "I can't do it, I can't think of it." This classic sentence made me fully feel through the expansion training of this day. When the training is over, it brings me exhaustion and makes me excited and deeply thinking: the warm team, the power of cooperation, the charm of innovation, the open mind, all of which will accompany each of our team members. Create a more exciting day every day.


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