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  • Mltor CNC Technology Co., Ltd. held a fire drill

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        In order to improve employees' awareness of fire protection, verify the functions of the company's fire protection facilities, enhance employees' ability to respond in emergencies, and self-protection capabilities, so that each employee can understand fire protection knowledge, know how to report fires when fire or fire, how to save, How to evacuate personnel and how to rescue the wounded materials, the company's safety supervision room plans to conduct fire drills. The implementation plan is as follows:

    I. Staffing

    (1) Chief Commander:

    Deputy Chief Commander:

    (2) Team members:

    (3) Participants:

    (4) Photo:

    Second, the exercise project:

    (1) Emergency evacuation

    (2) Fire fighting

    Third, evacuation and concentration: empty space

    Fourth, preliminary preparation:

    (1) Fire protection knowledge and escape common sense window display. (office responsible)

    (2) Fire brigade police officers conduct fire protection training for employees. (Responsible for the Safety Supervision Office)

    (3) The fire brigade police officer inspected the company's fire protection facilities. (Office, Safety Supervision Office is responsible)

    V. Specific evacuation arrangements for emergency evacuation by departments:

    1. After receiving the fire alarm notice, the members of the command team immediately arrive at the command center. The command team is responsible for the director of the company's safety supervision department. The fire alarm site is under the responsibility of the safety supervision office.

    2. Issue an emergency evacuation notice through the accident broadcast:

    1) According to the situation of each fire floor divided into three fire zones, first level evacuation is carried out to transfer materials and personnel to other safe fireproof areas on the same floor. Broadcast content: "Please note that in the event of an emergency at this level, please follow the instructions of the company's safety supervision room personnel and evacuate to a safe area."

    2) According to the scene of the fire, all the evacuation orders in the exercise area are issued. The evacuation order is the fire layer. The fire layer is above the fire layer and the fire layer is below the fire layer. The broadcast content: “Please note that the area has occurred. In case of emergency, please follow the instructions of the staff of the company's safety supervision room and immediately withdraw from the building from the nearest evacuation channel.

    3. Through the telephone and walkie-talkie, you can keep abreast of the fire scene and evacuation of personnel in various areas, check the alarm system, fire pressure pump and air supply and exhaust system.

    4. Command relevant departments and personnel to take corresponding actions.

    5. After the evacuation of all personnel is confirmed, the exercise completion notice is issued.

    7. The command team leader went to the evacuation assembly site for a summary of the exercise.

    Sixth, the specific arrangements for fire fighting:

    1. The unit will depart from the vehicle and arrive at the fire drill site ××××.

    2. Clean up the site according to the terrain and prepare the firelighter.

    3. Distribute work clothes and fire fighting equipment

    4, listen to the security officer's explanation

    5, start the exercise

    Oil fire

    The first group: l pull the smoke bomb, so that the field emits smoke


    The ground smoke is angry and the evacuation crowd is urgent.

    Group 2: Point fuel fire; use 5kg fire extinguisher to extinguish

    When the oil basin is on fire, use a 5kg dry powder fire extinguisher. Shake the fire extinguisher upside down a few times, then turn off the safety pin, align the nozzle with the root of the fire, and press the switch to extinguish the fire.

    6. End the exercise

    7. Clean up the site.

    Mobilization before the fire drill according to plan

    Dry powder fire extinguishing

    Technical competition, see who is the fastest!

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