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  • A warm welcome to the multinational group ANDRITZ Group to visit the research and guidance of Mltor

    Popularity:1844Time:2021/3/31 11:39:18

        The industry benchmark ANDRITZ Group went to Foshan Mayret CNC Technology Co., Ltd. on the morning of the 21st for research and guidance. During the visit, it showed great interest in our various equipments and affirmed the solid technology of the company. The foundation of the company, the research and development strength, the unique product concept and the corporate culture.

        The general manager of our company, Mr. Lin, personally received the company's flagship product. First, Mr. Lin led the company's exhibition hall and introduced our core-independently developed CNC system to ANDRITZ Group, including “4-axis universal CNC system, 6-axis CNC gear hobbing system” and “8-axis high-precision system”. "Efficient CNC Grinding Machine System", we appreciate our innovation, give affirmation to our CNC system products, and ask questions and give guidance to Lin.

    Then Mr. Lin led the production workshop and showed them the finished equipment, such as CNC ring die deep hole drilling, CNC gear hobbing machine, CNC ring die chamfering machine, CNC ring die drilling, double head drilling, and extrusion screw CNC machine tools. Mr. Lin showed the safety, high quality and high efficiency of the four-axis four-head CNC ring mold deep hole gun drill and CNC gear hobbing machine. I feel that our CNC equipment is different from ordinary machine tools.


    CNC ring die deep hole drill

    CNC gear hobbing machine

    Flange drill

    In particular, I appreciate the unique features of our deep hole gun drill. 

    After the visit, we highly praised the 7S carried out by our company. Only in a clean and tidy production environment can we produce products that satisfy our customers.



    The ANDRITZ Group is a technology-based group company with a global presence. It has more than 17,000 employees in more than 180 countries and regions around the world. More than 1,500 employees in China are engaged in hydropower, paper, feed and biofuels, metal equipment, environmental and processing technology equipment, etc. The two sides stated that they can have more room for cooperation in the future. I believe that in the near future, the two sides will become excellent partners.

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