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  • Guangdong International Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Expo and 2015 Guangdong Science and Technology Achievements and Industry Matching Activities successfully concluded! !

    Popularity:813Time:2021/3/31 10:17:47

        On the morning of November 18th, our company participated in the first Guangdong International Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Expo and the 2015 Guangdong Science and Technology Achievements and Industry Matching Activities, hereinafter referred to as the “Smart Expo”. This year's Zhibo Fair is large in scale, new in format and high in specifications. All 7 pavilions are in use, with an exhibition area of 100,000 square meters, ranking first in the nation's similar exhibitions. This exhibition will divide the exhibition hall into robotics and automation area, engineering plastics area, tool shop, 3D printing, Korea Tool Museum, Hong Kong Plastic Machinery Association Exhibition, Taiwan Pavilion, Taiwan Mould Association Exhibition Area, Hong Kong Hardware Business Association Exhibition Area, etc. Exhibition area. Exhibitors cover the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. The finished products on display include raw materials, international steel, high-end precision grinding machines and metal processing equipment.

    On the morning of the 18th, Zhao Yufang, deputy governor of Guangdong Province, attended and delivered a speech. Later, the provincial economic and information technology commission, the science and technology department, the education department and the main leaders of the Dongguan municipal government accompanied the deputy governor to visit important industrial projects, including Foshan City. Leite's new project and a cordial conversation with our general manager. At the end of the afternoon, Hu Chunhua, secretary of the provincial party committee, visited the key projects. First came to our booth to visit. The general manager personally explained our projects and equipment, and won the praise of Hu Shuji, which strengthened our confidence.

    In this exhibition, we mainly displayed the new product gear hobbing machine MLT-N120 and four-axis four-head deep hole drilling MLT-SK4H800. The exhibition will be presented through the booth layout, the promotion of the promotional film, the distribution of brochures, the display of promotional materials, and the WeChat sweep. Gifts, etc., attract the attention and inquiries of visitors. Customers are close to our new products, effectively delivering real information about the goods. The staff in front of the pavilion visited the inquiries, and the reception staff took pains to patiently explain to the inquiries, so that everyone had a better understanding of our products and expanded the scope of publicity.

    Our products are well received by customers and exhibitors in the exhibition.Numerous merchants and exhibitors affirmed the quality of our brand, which further strengthened our path of “continuous innovation, adhering to the principle of creating value for customers and adhering to talent and technology.”

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