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  • The company's 2015 annual meeting went smoothly

    Popularity:1725Time:2021/3/31 11:29:47

          On the afternoon of February 7, 2015, Foshan Mayret CNC Technology Co., Ltd. held a grand annual meeting. The theme of this annual meeting is "2015 New Year Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony".
        The annual meeting was hosted by Minette CNC, and all the staff participated. Because there was not much time for preparation, a small number of guests and family members of the company were invited. The annual meeting will officially start at 5:30 pm and will end at 8:30 pm. After the meeting, we will have dinner at the Industrial Park restaurant. In the annual meeting, there are wonderful speeches from company leaders, exciting awards, wonderful and rich performances, and a delicious dinner. Myret CNC Technology Co., Ltd. celebrated our performance and prospects in a happy and peaceful annual meeting. our future.
        The annual meeting is divided into: the leadership of the new year speech; outstanding staff and the award of the Minaret Star Awards and awards; in the colorful show performances interspersed with lottery (first, second, third prize) and WeChat to commemorate the award Finally, the guest selected a few of the best programs and awards.
        The annual meeting started in the music of the opening and dancing "More and More Good"; the following is the wonderful speech of the general manager of the company, Mr. Lin; the beautiful guy of our neighbor "Night Housekeeper" brought us an unbeatable dance "Baabala Sakura" "Flower" and the wonderful dance "The most dazzling national style" brought by the administrative office, let us appreciate the shocking performance of the PK dance in the same field; the solo and musical instruments of the handsome guys in the electrical workshop seem to bring us to the university age; The drama show "Working with the Workers" brought us back to the sadness of the initial work, the chorus "Tomorrow will be better" let us feel the warmth and hope of the big family of the company; the beauty of the finance department Bringing a grand vocal professional-level solo "Luhua"; there are more exciting pieces and comics "Star Barber Shop" and "Caiyuan Want", even our puppies have become a supporting role. If you don’t appreciate these shows on the stage, you can’t believe that our colleagues have such a talent for acting. The wonderful performances let us laugh at the flowers... While enjoying the performances, the colleagues who worked hard for the work received the prizes and trophies issued by the company; the lucky colleagues also won the awards. Even the unlucky colleagues had a reward in the live "WeChat" commemorative award.
    After the wonderful, it is a delicious dinner, between the cups, talk about the family, talk about the hopeful 2015.

         Foshan Mltor CNC Technology Co., Ltd. wishes everyone, in 2015, Ma Ben will go forward, and the sheep will bring good luck to celebrate the brilliant achievements of the company and look forward to the bright future of the company!
    Let us work together to build a dream and create brilliance together!

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