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    • Introduction
    • Culture
    • Talent Concept
    • Development Step
    • Patent
    • Strength


    • MLTOR was founded in 2012, is an independent R of D high-tech enterprise, focus on industrial automation control equipment R of D, production, sales, service. The company is headquartered in the Torch Development Zone of Zhongshan City Guangdong Province. It consists of three subsidiaries: Zhongshan MLTOR Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd., Chongqing MLTOR CNC Technology Co. Ltd and Jiangsu Mltor Smart Control Technology Co., Ltd. Also including MLTOR CNC Engineering Research Center and other domestic service offices.


    Work hard for the dream and dedicate to the pursuit of excellence

    • Vision

      Wish Scene: Carry forward national intelligent manufacturing and promote industrial upgrading
      Our goal: to strive for the dream, for the pursuit of excellence and dedication; Realize the Siemens in mind and speed up China's manufacturing industry;
      Jingshen: dedication, team, innovation;
      Work style: sense of responsibility, sense of mission, initiative, execution;
      Purpose: to create value for customers, to create opportunities for employees, to create benefits for society;

    • Guideline for management

      Market - oriented, customer - focused
      High technology high quality high efficiency sustainable management

    • Accurate

      The post has the division of labor, the work has no boundary
      If you do not think, you will fail
      Identify the corporate culture and carry forward the spirit of Myrett

    • Discipline

      Let's start with my priorities;
      Don't rush rush empathy, saving for the United States is not greedy for small profits;
      Honesty and integrity for accountability, communication, record, action and accountability;
      Right thinking, right thinking, no complaining, no poison;
      The absence of others is the value of our existence.

    • Idea

      Business philosophy: integrity, pragmatism, focus, efficiency and win-win
      Survival philosophy: do not forget the death, safety must be prepared for danger
      Development concept: foresight creates the future
      Market concept: the pattern determines the world
      Marketing concept: concept changes heaven and earth
      Employment philosophy: pragmatic to China, morality first
      Quality philosophy: defective products are waste products
      Management philosophy: every failure is the failure of the manager
      Development concept: the potential needs of users is our pursuit of development
      Service concept: customer first, so that our eternal theme


    MLTOR fervently believe that talent is one of the most important strategic resource that can bring exceptional value to our company. We seeks to hire talented individuals through "openness, fairness and impartiality" and to attract, retain and nurture excellent employees under a people-oriented management concept.


    Development Step

    • 2011.11

      MLTOR's start-up team started its business in a factory less than 30 square meters in Daliang, Shunde, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China.

    • 2012.01

      In August , the MLTOR start-up team moved in to Tangbian, some where in Foshan City . In November, the MLTOR company was registered.

    • 2013.12

      MLTOR team won the gold prize of the 2th“Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship competition(Guangdong division)”

    • 2014.06

      MLTOR got Investment from Yueke Group and moved into The Huangdong Industrial Park in Foshan City.

    • 2015.01

      MLTOR got Investment from Dingrui Group and started a production base in Chongqing City.

    • 2016.02

      In August, Zhongshan MLTOR Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd was founded.

    • 2017.01

      MLTOR started the research institute of intelligent manufacturing; MLTOR won the gold prize 6th “Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship competition(Guangdong division)”.


     First prize certificate of provincial final of 2017 innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
     2017 Zhongshan high tech enterprise certificate
    2017 Zhongshan equipment high tech enterprise certificate
     Plaque of 2017 Zhongshan Engineering Technology Research Center
     Third prize certificate of national finals of 2018 entrepreneurship competition
    The first prize of Guangdong Province in 2018 innovation and Entrepreneurship Competitio
    Third prize certificate of national finals of 2018 entrepreneurship competition
    Thank you letter for 2018 national Gear Technology Seminar
    New high precision grinding CNC system zl201310305125.0
    Plaque of post doctoral workstation
    Certificate of Guangdong high growth SMEs from June 2019 to June 2022
    Group standard certificate of Guangdong Institute of mechanical engineering
    Provincial Engineering Cente
    Certificate of the most growing enterprise in China's gear industry
    Post doctoral innovation and practice base of Zhongshan meileite CNC Technology Co., Ltd
    (Zhongshan Technology) excellent patent (gear grinding machine)
     First prize certificate of 2013 innovation competition
    CE certificate
    CE certificate of four head gun drill
    Copy of special prize of 2017 Zhongshan Science and technology innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition



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