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  • The head of the company organization went to Germany for inspection

    Popularity:847Time:2021/3/31 11:19:41

      In order to adapt to the trend of economic globalization, we will create high-quality, high-efficiency high-end manufacturing enterprises in the future. The person in charge of the company went to Germany to study and study and witnessed the summit of the fourth industrial revolution. During the period, I participated in some representative enterprises in Europe, such as KUKA Robot, Lenze Group, B&R Automation and BMW Automobile Museum.

      After returning to China, the meeting was held in time to conduct in-depth communication and exchanges with the company's senior management. Based on its own characteristics, it systematically analyzed technology, RD skills, brand and market positioning. Learn and learn from the successful experiences of the first countries and learn from their failures. According to the theory of late-comer advantage, actively taking advantage of the new informationization, directly absorbing and introducing advanced country technology, its technical cost is much lower than that of the originally developed country; under the same conditions of capital, resources and technology costs It also has the advantages of low labor costs and proximity to the market. At the same time, it is also a long-term effort to realize that the company's product development level and technical ability to take the lead in the main areas of manufacturing.

      After the meeting, the company further emphasized the informationization of enterprises and promoted the comprehensive improvement of technical management and talent quality with information technology. Enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, improve the production efficiency, management efficiency, innovation and efficiency of the enterprise, and then achieve the purpose of improving the efficiency of the enterprise.


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