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  • Our company CNC rotary cutting machine began mass production

    Popularity:780Time:2021/3/31 11:17:21

        Woodworking machinery is a key industry in China's furniture manufacturing industry, and veneer processing for wood flooring and sheet metal is an indispensable machine tool for various furniture factories. Especially the manufacture of CNC rotary cutting machine is the focus of the entire industrial chain. The backward mode of rotary cutting machine supporting variable frequency motor, our company has passed nearly one year of research and development and customer trial. The CNC rotary cutting machine developed and produced by our company has been put on the market recently. The product has the following characteristics:

        1. Self-developed with world-class digital control system, supporting the company's AC servo motor control, users can set the thickness of the board to adjust according to their needs more easily, with advanced performance, stable quality, reliable energy saving, easy operation and maintenance.

        2. The servo system is controlled by a special numerical control system, and the common form of using PLC to control the variable frequency motor is eliminated. It is impossible to cut out the defects with the same thickness. It has high utilization rate of wood and accurate precision, and the minimum precision can reach 0.01mm.

        3. Efficient: The cutting speed is twice that of the ordinary inverter control.

        4, high income: with a special CNC system control, high precision, can be used for rotary cutting small diameter wood, each 20-50 meters more skin.

        5. The system automatically controls the servo motor to accelerate the feed according to the set cutting thickness and the automatically detected outer diameter of the log to ensure the processing quality of the veneer.

        6. Machine tool especially suitable for core board with small diameter wood and wood core rotary cutting plywood

        7, combined with the mechanical characteristics of the rotary cutting machine, increase the compensation function, can extend the life of the machine

        8. Breaking through the machine tool controlled by the inverter, the low-speed inability to fluctuate when cutting the veneer is large, and the short-term high-speed force is difficult to control in the final stage, which fundamentally solves the problem of uneven veneer thickness.

        9. The power consumption of the whole machine is small, saving 30% of electricity compared with the machine controlled by the traditional inverter, saving a lot of money for the user.

        10, price concessions, due to the development of our company's own CNC system and the whole machine production, not only the quality can be controlled in the whole process, the price also saves the intermediate links, you can use the more cost-effective price service and users

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