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  • Mltor CNC Technology Co., Ltd. website revision

    Popularity:483Time:2021/3/31 11:16:33

        As the company's business volume continues to expand, the style and content of the original company's website is far from meeting the needs of customers, in order to further display the company's scale and strength to the new and old customers, and to understand the company's products and services. The company decided to re-revise the website and increase the publicity of the network. Through the careful planning of professional website design companies and internal stakeholders, the new website was successfully revised on June 6, 2013!

        The revised website uses advanced website development programs and design concepts to give people an updated visual experience; strives for beautiful pages, reasonable structure, rich content and easy reading. The emergence of the new version of the website will further narrow the distance between us and our customers, so that we can accurately understand the needs of our customers, and also enable our customers to fully understand the Minaret CNC and build a platform for our friendly communication with customers.

    On the occasion of the release of this revision:

    I wish our customers and friends good health and good health!

    I wish all staff work smoothly and have a good mood every day!

    I wish that the company will flourish and prosper!

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