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  • Warmly celebrate the 5th Asia-Pacific International Biomass Energy Exhibition in 2016!!

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    Organized by Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd., the three-day 2016 Asia-Pacific International Biomass Energy, with the enthusiastic attention and support of the government, representatives from all walks of life and the media, on September 28th in Guangzhou China Import and Export Commodity Trading Hall 2.1 of Hall A of the Exhibition Hall has come to a successful conclusion!

    Mltor CNC Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, sales and service of industrial intelligent flexible manufacturing units, machine tools, control systems and other products, with industrial intelligent control with independent intellectual property rights. Based on technology, it has created efficient, reliable, easy-to-use CNC machine tools and complete line intelligent manufacturing solutions for multiple industries;

    The company has a high-quality, high-level, expert-type technology research and development and management team. We adhere to the "talent" and "technology"-based, adhering to the "create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, create profits for shareholders, for The business guidelines for creating wealth in society actively advocate the technical development route of coordination, cooperation between production, learning and research, and maintain close and long-term cooperative relations with well-known universities, research institutes and students studying at home and abroad.

    In the face of the future, the company will continue to accumulate and continuously surpass the goal of “the pioneer of the industry to the industry leader” to create value for customers and realize the corporate mission of “scientific achievement dream”.

    The new products and technologies of this exhibition are endless, but the eternal theme is to develop green environmental protection. For this reason, we have brought a modern solution to the most critical parts manufacturing of biomass raw material manufacturing equipment. There are four types of new types of equipment:

    1. MLT-SK4H1400 biomass ring mold high speed gun drill, she uses the 4 axis 4 linkage Z228NC control system developed by our company as the brain of the machine tool........

    2, MLT-DJ550 CNC ring die chamfering machine: This machine is the world's first. In the development of this product, our company has a number of invention patents and utility model patents. The machine adopts MLT-D208's 3-axis 3 linkage control system. Machine tool brain, supplemented by four-wheel drive technology, automatic measurement of workpiece size, automatic compensation error technology, etc..... Machine operation is simple. . . . . . . . . The product has stable precision, good consistency and low labor intensity, which makes it easier for workers to create value for themselves and society.

    3, MLT-FD1515 CNC flange drilling and milling machine: This machine adopts our F208 three-axis three-link NC control system control. The machine mechanism adopts the moving gantry frame structure, which can realize drilling, milling and tapping in one clamping. Grinding and drilling of special-shaped parts, the machine has a large processing range, small machine tool footprint, dialogue and offline programming modes, which are essential high-end and cost-effective equipment for ring die flat-die enterprises;

    4. YK38i five-axis CNC gear hobbing machine: This machine adopts G218i five-axis CNC gear hobbing machine system developed by our company.

        Today, with the current population declining and the aging of the society becoming more and more prominent, the substitution of machines is an inevitable trend. It is difficult to recruit people. The problem of using people is the problem that most enterprises need to face right now. In this context, The era of mass production has gradually ushered in the development of a personalized product era. So we have put forward many new topics for our upstream equipment companies. Of course, every topic has huge business opportunities behind it. At present, we are always Adhere to the investment in research and development, our R&D team has completed the development and mass production of the software and hardware technology development platform for high-end CNC systems.

      In the "axis CNC gear hobbing system", "axis high precision high-efficiency CNC gear grinding machine system", "multi-axis self-learning, adaptive intelligent robot control technology" and "high-speed high-precision spline interpolation adaptive algorithm" high-speed high-pressure spindle The sealing technology, the long-term constant pressure stability technology of the hydraulic system, and the long-term constant pressure stability technology have achieved breakthrough results, more than 30 inventions and innovative technology patents, based on the transformation of these research and development results, in the field of intelligent manufacturing. In the manufacture of key components of the popular biomass industry, for example, the company's equipment has been recognized and praised by users.

    In the field of intelligent manufacturing, we still use the biomass and feed equipment industry as an example. We have made a number of stand-alone products in the past five years. The user's consistent evaluation after the application is simple, easy to use, and people without the basis of numerical control theory can quickly. The operation of MLT's CNC machine tools has successfully solved the problem of shortage of personnel in the rapid development of this industry in recent years, and achieved good social and economic benefits in terms of production capacity and quality improvement under the conditions of passive staff reduction. Next, we Focus on RD to solve the interconnection problem of pre-order single-machine equipment, let the equipment communicate with each other, further realize the efficient, intelligent and ecological product manufacturing process, and liberate the management problems in the production process of our products, making people's mistakes no longer appear.

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